The Legendary Boilermakers started out in Los Angeles in 1989 or ’90 as an idea to get into shows for free.  A few friends and I would tell the doorman “I’m with the Boilermakers” and he’d let us in without paying the cover charge.  It really worked!  I thought it was a cool band name because it’s a union for guys who build ships, and it’s also the name of a gag-inducing drink consisting of a glass of beer with a shot of whiskey dropped into it.

Later I worked up some songs and started a three-piece rockabilly band and we naturally called ourselves the Boilermakers.  Well, I couldn’t pull off the astounding guitar licks that I was hearing at the time from Deke Dickerson, T.K. Smith and Archie Vowell, who were tearing up clubs such as the Palomino, the Blue Saloon, the King King and, later, the Viper Room.  So instead of competing with these rockabilly monsters we went loud, fast and simple, and it turned out to be a pretty good combination.  With Byron Reynolds on drums and Tony Red-Horse on upright bass, I could screw up all through the show and we still sounded good.  Lucky me!

Today, in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, With Joe Marguccio III on drums and Chad Feurborn on upright bass, I can still screw up and we sound better than ever!  I have a much better guitar these days, so that helps.

In the old days I used “legendary” on flyers as a goof, but now it’s official.  The reason being is that if you look up the Boilermakers you get Purdue University.  So, The Legendary Boilermakers it is.  Aren’t you glad to know that bit of trivia?




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